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This Months Service Special !

With any Log Book Service performed on your Harley we will happily run your bike over our Dyno to give you a diagnostics. What this does is give us a print out of any clutch or driveline wear or slippage as well as your Horsepower and Air/Fuel. We can tell you if your bike is running as well as it should be !

All this is on top of an already great service where you get to choose your level of care and what products go into your bike. From oils you can choose from Lucas, Amsoil, Motul or Harley. With your oil filters you can choose from brands such as K&N, HiFLo or Harley. Your bike, your choice. We can also flush your engine with our Scavenger kit to make sure old oil doesnt mix with new.

Give us a call now to book your bike in.

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