RC3 Clutch Assembly with V1 MDX Lever

Introducing our RC3 Clutch Assembly with the new V-1 MDX lever.
  • Rotating clutch assembly with unbreakable V1 MDX lever.
  • InVINCEible technology - Covered by patent 6,047,611. No other lever has this level of technology in it. No cables to break, just good solid hardware.
  • The new V-1 MDX is not a ?flex? lever. The new V-1 uses the new multi-directional or MDX platform. Like no other lever before it, the V-1 MDX moves forward, up and down. Eliminating the need for expensive, complicated perches. MDX, because you don?t crash in one direction.
  • Forged CNC machined perch & rotator clamp with Teflon sleeve allows the entire assembly to spin out of harms way in a crash, yet stay firmly in place while riding.
  • For use with Hot Start or Non-Hot Start equipped bikes. Optional Hot Start assembly included.
  • RC3 Clutch Assembly with V1 MDX Lever

Our Price: $239.99 AUD inc GST