CRF250R M2R V.A.L.E.? Complete Race Stainless/Aluminum System (2010) - M2R Aluminum Canister

The Revolutionary Two Brothers Racing M2R Quick-Pack Canister - featuring REM?(Ridiculously Easy Maintenance)

Two years in the making, the all new Two Brothers Racing? M2R REM Exhaust Canister is a quantum leap forward in motorcycle exhaust technology.

Silencer re-packing on the M2R can now be completed in minutes, without removing the muffler from the bike and without having to drill out and replace pop-rivets. An industry first...and long overdue.

? Preformed replacement packing core cartridge
? On-bike replacement
? Race dB requirements easy to meet and maintain
? Hard anodized components
? Included tool
? New badge

This system comes with a stainless steel slip tube with M2R aluminum canister. Experience increased throttle response, more power throughout the powerband, and lighter weight.

Two Brothers Racing M2R stainless/aluminum off-road exhaust systems come complete with a U.S. Forestry Service approved removable screen type spark arrestor.

Our Price: $699.99 NOW $249.99 AUD inc GST
Shipping: $26.00

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