TBR Air Filter and Bracket Kit

Unlike paper filters, "Open Cell" Polyurethane Foam is wetted with specially developed filter oil. This "sticky" filter oil is suspended in the path of the dirty air on the web-like cell structure of the foam making it impossible for dirt to pass through the filter without sticking to the strands. As the outer strands become loaded with dirt particles, the wetted strands down stream start trapping dirt, allowing the entire thickness to be utilized. This prevents surface loading or air restriction for 80% of the service life of the air filter element. When the filter is sufficiently dirty, it can be easily washed, re-oiled, and re-used.

� Easy to install
� Includes mounting bracket to replace stock air box
� Made from top quality materials for the serious rider.
� Surface area is greater than stock for improved airflow.
� Dual-density filter element helps keep harmful dust and debris out of the engine providing improved performance and longer engine life.
� Easy to clean and maintain.

Our Price: $61.99 AUD inc GST
Shipping: $14.00